Nicole Black.



Welcome to my sparkly, new website. Thanks for stopping by!

I am excited to get this new chapter out into the world, sharing not only my art and illustrations but some of the ideas  I have around process and inspiration. 

The following blogposts are my personal reflections. I am a compulsive journal writing, note-taking, brainstorming individual so this seemed an obvious extension of my mark-making. For me, one does not happen without the other and both have always been powerful ways for to better understand myself and the world I live in. 

I am also fascinated by the creative process. When I'm not making myself, I am talking about making, listening to a podcast or reading about it.  When I talk to people I want to find out what it is that drives them, gives them their magic feeling and what they would risk it all for. This further fuels my drive to create more work or to  understand my process better. 

So I look forward to adding more to this chapter of my website as the days roll on with a focus on sharing my discoveries and processes. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts so I welcome you to contribute by commenting on the posts.

Until next time,