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The Creative Process

Author: Jess Levitz (

Author: Jess Levitz (

A couple of days ago, I posted this image on my Instagram account.

I'm a big fan of inspirational quotes (guilty...) but I try and keep my Instagram feed separate from this interest.  Recently I've been feeling stuck creatively and have been experiencing all the uncomfortable, vulnerable feelings of not knowing exactly my direction and purpose etc. 

This image reminded me that these cycles occur within a singular drawing, painting or project- but also on a larger scale in a general creative practice. The frustration I was feeling was really an opportunity to reassess my direction; evaluate what was working and accept the things that weren't working as well. Sometimes its about not stopping and trying to figure out a problem then and there but to just keep taking small steps in a forward direction; having faith that the problem will unravel itself in its own time.

It appears I wasn't alone with this feeling of frustration- which seems obvious - but what it made me realise is that despite the outside impressions of success we can conjure  from looking at someone's Instagram, website or Facebook page we very rarely can understand  the whole story. I was personally feeling like I was sitting around points 3 & 4 the other week but this week is a whole different story. I went back to the drawing page and took some of the feedback I had received recently and thought about my next moves. I created  some distance from the problem and engaged with things that were separate from my usual creative practice which offered me perspective. 

I think as a creative (whatever your discipline) it is important to have an awareness of how you operate. To know the things that bring you inspiration and know when to let go or walk away.  Trivial as it seems, it was a relief to see the 'likes' come through from others who obviously had a experienced similar frustrations with their creative process at some point or another!  But more than anything this image  was a reminder that the process cannot always be seamless without twists and turns on the road. That with the super-inspiring moments come the staring-at-the-blank-white-page-in-despair moments... it's all part of the package.

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