Nicole Black.


Mood Board August 2018

Mood boards have always provided me with a way of summarising my thoughts as I am such a visual learner and thinker. Growing up I had physical mood boards in the form of cork boards and art journals with images cut up from my healthy collection of fashion magazines. These days my image hoarding comes in the form of full Pinterest boards and saved images on Instagram. In a time when we are bombarded with inspiration from external sources, I believe it's important to remember your own reason for creating what you do... the beautiful inspirations you have collected along your own personal journey from the places you have travelled to the colours you naturally gravitate towards etc. 

After completing a solo exhibition for SALA (South Australian Living Artists) I decided it was a good time to do a bit of reflecting about where I want to go from where I am now. What have I enjoyed making and what have I been making for the sake of it? What am interested in exploring further with my art? 

Clockwise from left to right:

  1.  I love to draw eyes.. especially those with beautiful glittery details (and stars!) Image: Pinterest : lostspacechild Instagram: lavendermistrust. 
  2. Flowers and ladies have always featured a lot in my work. This photograph got my attention for the layering of both. Transparency has also been coming up a lot in the layered work I have been doing. Image: via pinterest. 
  3. Blue Roses? (tick!) I have always been drawn to patterns (especially vintage) As a kid I remember tracing the outlines of the roses on my bed quilt and my grandma's blue/green floral couch. This image reminded me of that! Photographed by Sarah Silver for Surface November 2013 via Pinterest
  4. Since seeing the influence that Japanese wood-block art had on the artists of Art Nouveau I have continued to recognise beauty in this style of art in contemporary illustration and art. This image by Kawase Hasui (1883-1957): Moon at Matsushima stole my heart for its colour palette and reflective moon lighting contrasting with the silhouettes of the trees.
  5. I LOVE vintage images like this one for their muted tones. But also this photo features 1. a moon 2. glittery eyes with stars. Point made. Image: via Pinterest. 
  6. Matisse is no stranger on a mood board these days but there is something about this painting that keeps me coming back for more. (It's definitely the colour palette) but perhaps something about the time of day that it was painted? 'Morrocan Landscape' Henri Matisse 1913.
  7. Another woodblock artwork just because. 'Vicinity of Kiga in Hakone' Kasamatsu Shirō (Japan, 1898-1991) Japan, mid-20th century Print.
  8. Wave Drawings from Brett Whiteley's sketch books. These studies of water by Australian Artist Brett Whiteley have been a long time inspiration for me.. I love that he has been able to capture movement and energy just using the power of the line. 
  9. Beautiful coral reefs in purply bluey tones. Image via pinterest.
  10. Close up photograph of roses (or peonies?) Again.. the colour is amazing!
  11. Deep emerald green crystals <3
  12. Another long-time favourite (this one was actually printed and stuck on my cork board for some time) 'The Moon' from the 'Moon and the Stars' Series by Alphonse Mucha (1902) Stunning, stunning, stunning. 
  13. Celestial Jewels / NY Bridal Week Fall 2017 / Photo: The LANE
  14. Violet Moore Higgins (name of the artwork unknown) 

I would like to make this a more regular practice but for the time being this mood board reflection has really cemented some visual connections that I needed it to!

Until next time,


Nicole Black