Nicole Black.





On the side of her art practice, Nicole has dedicated ongoing time to running workshops that share her love for the exploration of various mediums. She is currently running workshops through Workshop Adelaide but is also available for corporate events, live art events and private or small group appointments and school visits (secondary).

Below are some examples of popular classes that are currently on offer:


Intro to Watercolour

Duration (2-3 hours)*

This workshop aims to build creative confidence around the watercolour medium. Before getting into the painting side of things, there is a brief discussion about materials to invest into to achieve the best results. Next we dive into basic techniques and approaches to the medium; developing a cheat sheet that can be referred back to in future dates. From this point, time is allocated to explore these ideas further with an 'invitation to play' which encourages growth through the embracing of mistakes. With new found approaches under our belts, we then move into the second stage of the class which ask students to apply the techniques to creating a still life artwork. 

*Please note: Workshop can be adapted to specific needs etc. time duration or for events. To discuss, please email

For current available classes click here.

...Nicole takes the time to explain and show you step by step how to develop skills in watercolour painting as well as what supplies to use and how to use them... It’s a relaxing couple of hours with no pressure and is fabulous whether you’re a beginner or more advanced.
— @kokovanilladesigns

Contemporary Botanical Watercolour

Duration 2-3 hours

With a similar start to the 'Intro to Watercolour' workshop, we begin the class by discussing materials and then warming up by developing a cheat sheet that explores various techniques and approaches to the medium. We next discuss specific ways in which to approach botanicals as a subject matter. Please note that this class leans more towards a contemporary interpretation of botanical illustration though should equip the participant with  a variety of approaches. 


Mixed Media Fashion Illustration

Duration 3 hours

This class will explore creative, mixed media approaches to fashion illustration. With a brief introduction into the history of Fashion Illustration, this workshop will break down the practicals (planning your drawing, proportion, and techniques) as well as the creative side (experimental approaches and combining various mediums together)  

The emphasis on this class is getting out of your comfort zone whilst still acquiring practical skills.